We recognize the right of our client to service free of conflict by having the full resources of our agency dedicated exclusively to their brand . We believe, however, that clients should respect our need for growth by not imposing arbitrary or unrealistic definitions of what constitutes a conflict.

Although we are recognized as experts in advertising, we encourage clients’ involvement in both the strategic and executive development of their advertising programs. We believe the more such involvement we have, especially at the highest corporate levels, the better we can understand a client’s needs. That’s how our advertising becomes uniquely effective.

We encourage ourselves and our clients to take risks to achieve advertising effectiveness through innovation and originality. However, we also believe risk must be tempered by strategic relevance and fiscal responsibility. The absence of risk limits creativity, and the absence of restraint produces bad advertising.

The profitability of an account depends mainly on two pillars: the client’s trust in our services and the quality of the services we provide. The media world isn’t just fragmented today, it’s frenzied. We hits our target by bringing research, bottom-line accountability, and creative media thinking to the table.

We believe the advertising we do for our clients is actually a form of customer experience with their brand. That’s why advertising should be a positive experience for its audience. It should be relevant and hopefully important in substance. It should be inspirational in style. It must always be memorable without sacrificing the appropriate content or form. In all cases, advertising must treat consumers with intelligence and sensitivity.

We think that a greater size can enable us to provide more stable and higher quality resources but bigger is by definition neither better nor worse. A good person producing good work is not exclusive to either large or small organizations. It is rather the result of a culture that encourages and celebrates excellence. We will always try to serve more clients as long as no client is deprived of the best we can do.

We believe advertising execution must communicate a viable strategic position for the client’s brand. However, we do not believe that strategy and execution are separate elements of the advertising development process. We think they are inextricably intertwined, and in fact we accept that an intuitive executive idea can often be rationalised as an effective brand strategy.

Whatever a client spends in media to deliver an advertising message, only a small fraction is spent with an agency to create, produce and place that advertising. Nevertheless, the impact of the entire budget is largely dependent on the quality of the agency’s work. That’s why, MISK believes we should be compensated at a level sufficient to provide the most talented people and the best resources so that a client’s media budget is fully leveraged by the effectiveness of the message. We think it is shortsighted for clients to reduce agency compensation and/or production budgets with the possible result of reducing the impact of their advertising.

The purpose of advertising is to increase sales. Client budgets are therefore investments intended to generate revenue. We must have a clear understanding of how our work will achieve that return. If we cannot relate an assignment to how a client can specifically benefit from it, we must question the validity of the project.

Our advertising must promote an appropriate, competitive and memorable brand personality for any client in any category of goods or service. We do not favor or typify any particular style of advertising. We believe in the balance between rational and emotional advertising, which depends on producing the most effective communication of the strategic positioning of the brand.

WE ARE THE CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION COMPANY We use the power of creativity to build better futures for our people, clients and communities.
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