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Our Leadership Team

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Yasser Hassan

Chairman & CEO
Yasser Hassan is the founder and Chairman of Misk communication holding. He holds two doctorates in business and managerial economics from Maastricht school of management (MSM), Netherland and in political economy from Swiss management university (SMC), Switzerland. His professional experience and academic contributions are focused on Digital economy, digital business transformation, E-Commerce and Strategic Digital Marketing. Dr. Hassan participated in the review of several public budgets in Egypt and the amendment of some legislation such as the code of the Central Bank in Egypt, the code of the general budget, and the code of advertising in Egypt. He has written many political and economic articles published in several newspapers. Currently, Hassan is the vice president of the Printing and Advertising Chamber in the Federation of Egyptian Industries and is a board member in the digital economy and technology division in the Federation of the Egyptian Chambers of Commerce.


Amr Elgohary

Head of Communication Unit
Amr is an International experienced digital marketer and media buying with over 3 years of work experience in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He holds a BA in Public Relations and Advertising from Stamford International University, and he is a certified Google and Facebook digital marketer and planner. Amr is a dynamic and goal-oriented team leader who always accomplishes his target and more often exceeds expectations. Everyone in Amr’s team trusts that no effort is wasted and all the material and human resources are perfectly aligned to achieve Misk’s vision. Clients that Amr worked with include European Commission, Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau, India Tourism Bureau, Emirates Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Bonava Real Estate, MyPostcard.com, Ideal Standard, Sherossa, and Sparkle


Angelique Flynn

Head of Berlin Office

Angelique has over 5 years of sales experience working with several international clients in Europe. She holds a BA in Sports and Events Management from the University of Applied Sciences Europe and another BA in Marketing and Sales from Stamford International University.


Gamel Elsharnouby

Growth Manager

Gamil has more than 25 years of experience in Media and advertising agencies. He has been working for MISK since 1996. His long experience and charismatic personality enabled him to gain solid national and international relations.


Alaa Rady

Chief financial officer
Alaa is the Chief financial officer at Misk. With over 20 of experience in finance, he manages the finance and accounting divisions for ensuring the stability of the company’s financial status.


Wael Nageeb

Head of Media Content Unit
Wael is the Media Content Director at MISK. He has more than 15 years of experience in media content and is an accredited journalist, and certified content and social media marketer. He started as a journalist and translator for some national and international News Agency. He occupied different top positions in several international media agencies such as Xinhua News Agency. In 2008, he was appointed as the chief editor of Al-Gamal. Net, the first online beauty and fashion magazine in the Middle East. Wael believes that a person should never stop learning because life never stops teaching. He is a role model for his team who always looks up to him as their inspirer.


Jihad Elsaqa

Head of Public Relations Unit
Jihad is the head of the Public Relations Department at MISK. She holds a BA in linguistics and translation and MA in Applied Linguistics (Online Brand Personality). She has worked as a full time and freelance translator for many local and international agencies including MISK Communication group. Her exposure to different work environments by working remotely with many international agencies worldwide provided her with exceptional online public relations skills. She supported such skills by completing training courses on inbound marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, branding, and business blogging.


Haidy Adel

Head of Product Management at Laboutique.net
Haidy has 10 years of experience that is boosted by her strong passion for fashion. She holds a BA in Mass Communications, from Cairo University and is a certified content manager. She started her career as a journalist and content creator, and she soon became the executive director of Al.Gamal.net, the first beauty and fashion magazine in the middle east. In 2017, her hand-on experience and devotion got her a well-deserved promotion to the head of content creation and web manager at Laboutique.net.


Mohamed Samy

Head of Art Production Unit
Mohamed is the Art Director at MISK. He is a true mixture of experience and creativity. In 2009, he started his career as an under-graduate freelance Illustrator and he has been working unstoppable ever since. He climbed up the career ladder from a junior graphic designer of printed advertising materials, a senior graphic designer ofAlgamal monthly printed magazine, a senior flash animator, to the Art Director in Misk. Mohamed’s eagerness to develop and broaden the skills of himself and his team makes him a perfect leader.


Ahmed Mahmoud

Director of Web Developing

Ahmed holds a BA in engineering, Cairo University. During his six years of experience, he saved no effort in honing his technical skills. He worked as a graphic designer, montage basic designer, web designer, motion graphics &social media designer, a PHP full-stack developer for many local and international agencies as a full-timer and a freelancer.